Things are about to Change in Kiev and all of the Ukraine

Ukraine’s quest to become a member of European Union has recently been called ‘the most dramatic entry process yet’. Once Ukraine does become a member state, a lot here will change so if you want to see the country as it is now, this would be the right time to visit Kiev.

Changes in tourism

We have already talked about the amazing things you can find in Kiev.  On that front, not much should change. However, given the fact that as a EU member Ukraine would be easier to travel to and safer, prices are likely to go up.

Especially, in the first decade as a member state.

Entertainment venues, resorts and casinos, waterparks, stadiums and possibly even race tracks will pop up like mushrooms all across the country.

That may sound sleazy, but as I was led to understand, this really helps the country stand up on its feet faster. But that also means that the country has to take lots of responsibilities – which reaches everyone from the president to a newborn.

Freedoms online

With EU, a lot of new regulations will come in which will no doubt have both positive and negative effects. Keep in mind that even though the most EU can do is insist on implementations, new member states on all previous occasions had to comply.

So, for example, if the EU decides on gambling regulations, which is now a matter of each state, sites like winagames website that offer online games could become inaccessible.

Better food

What EU is guilty of is making producers guarantee a better quality food. Producers themselves of course are not fans of an increasing amount of regulations for the quality of food and toys, but, in the end, the user gets a better quality product.

Again, this can also mean a rise in prices, however sometimes this happens when the producers increase the price deliberately just because they have a scapegoat in EU.

The people themselves

Believe me or not, but people from the member states confess that even the people change after their country joins the EU. As the moment between the countries increases, people discover the worlds and traditions they haven’t ever seen before.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. But in 5 years, a decade, you will notice that even the most conservative people start changing little by little. Which can be good or bad, depends on how you look at it.


There is still a long road ahead for Ukraine. But recent anti-corruption campaigns, tax reforms, new visa-travel possibilities between Ukraine and Europe show that the country is moving forward.

If I had to guess, I would safe it is safe to predict Ukraine in European Union by 2020, while 2019 would be an ambitious estimation. But stranger things have happened.