Visiting Kiev: here I found Soviet history

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What Soviet landmarks can I find in Kiev?

Kiev is a beautiful city that is filled with culture, fun activities and endless new experiences. One should also not forget that Kiev was once part of the Soviet Union which has left the city with many architectural marvels and interesting historical spots. With so many things to see, one might wonder what to visit. Here are a few ideas.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti – a place you cannot miss


There are certain places that are a must see when in Kiev. That is the Maidan Nezalezhnosti which translates into the Independence Square. It happens to be in the centre of the city and very difficult to miss, as the Maidan Nezalezhnosti is grandiose. It was built in the 1961 and a great example of the majestic soviet architecture styles. Today it is a hotel, but in the past it was often a place for riots and demonstrations. But even without knowing the history of the place, seeing it for the first time will be inspiring and majestic.

Mariyinsky Park – a perfect place for a calm evening walk


No city visits are complete without seeing a nice park. That would be the Mariyinsky Park in Kiev. It actually predates the Soviet times but during the whole Soviet era it became a very important place for gatherings. The park itself is huge and as beautiful as ever both in summer and winter.

Improve your history skills by taking a look at the Pioneers Palace


Get a taste of the Soviet history by visiting the Pioneers Palace. During the Soviet times, it was used as a culture centre for children and anyone who knows a bit the Soviet culture knows that centres like that were very common. The Pioneers Palace is yet another great example of Soviet history, one of many available to witness when in Kiev.

While it is possible, visit the Friendship of Nations Ark


In the 2016 it was announced that one of the more famous Ukrainian Soviet landmarks will be taken down and rightly replaced by a memorial of soldiers fighting in the Russia-Ukraine war. But until that happens it is worth to take one last look at the arch what was intended to be a symbol of friendship between Russia and Ukraine. It was first built in 1982 and stunned all the people with its gigantic size.