TOP 10 best clubs in Kiev: pros and cons

Where should you go? In Kiev, competition between clubs is quite strong. Old proven institutions compete for customers with new ones, attracting while using all the available ways of showing their advantages: discounts on the bar, famous DJs, invited stars, promotions, contests and so on. However, there is still a […]

Things are about to Change in Kiev and all of the Ukraine

Ukraine’s quest to become a member of European Union has recently been called ‘the most dramatic entry process yet’. Once Ukraine does become a member state, a lot here will change so if you want to see the country as it is now, this would be the right time to […]

Gambling in Kiev: is that possible?

Casino in Kiev – the Conspiracy On top of that, it’s open non-stop. Work needs to be done all of the moment,” Aaviksoo explained. You are going to have very good time here. People might get fed up after some weeks.” Many wonderful nights ought to be spent here. Every […]


Visiting Kiev: here I found Soviet history

What Soviet landmarks can I find in Kiev? Kiev is a beautiful city that is filled with culture, fun activities and endless new experiences. One should also not forget that Kiev was once part of the Soviet Union which has left the city with many architectural marvels and interesting historical […]

Visiting Kiev – Why You Must Take Action Today

Generally, Kiev is as safe because most Western European nations. First of all, it has plenty of pop-up flea markets. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe. It is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Ukraine and can boast with rich cultural […]

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The Fundamentals of Tourism in Kiev Revealed

When you go to Kiev, don’t forget that all of Ukraine awaits you. Kiev is an enormous and contemporary city but it has maintained its heritage with an abundance of historic monuments and a few of the oldest and most attractive churches of earth. When you go to Kiev, once […]

5 reasons to visit Kiev in 2017

Why should you visit Ukraine? Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But not many people are aware of that, that is why we suggest that you start discovering Ukraine via Kiev. And here are the 5 reasons why. Kiev is just a minute away from […]


Interesting Facts about Kiev

A lot more people are considering visiting Lviv, the cultural capital in western Ukraine that’s only a brief train or bus immediately from Krakow. Generally, Kiev is as safe because most Western European nations. It is also a great place for theater-lovers with more than 30 theaters available at your […]